Herbalife Products India IN Hyderabad Call..9160255159

Herbalife Products India IN Hyderabad Call..9160255159

Herbalife Products India IN Hyderabad Call..9160255159

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by Distributor Herbalife International India Pvt Ltd

Contact for Herbalife products and Business opportunity .I am an Independent Distributor of Herbalife from Hyderabad ,serving customer all over India. My contact 91+9160255159

1. Herbalife in India• Operating since 1999• Over 80000 Distributors• 12 sales centres• 10 warehouses• Member of Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA)• Pioneers in Nutrition & Weight Management products
2. Herbalife Sponsored Sportsperson Virat Kohli – Cricketer India 19 Captain world cup winning team The fastest Indian to aggregate 1000 runs in One day internationals in just 24 innings Joint No.2 in ICC ODI world rankings
3. World Class Research Centre• $200 Million Research Center at UCLA• Proving the efficacy of our products• Mark Hughes Center for Cellular and Molecular Nutrition
4. Science Behind The Products Our innovative products are formulated and backed by world renowned scientists who are dedicated to fostering the exploration of nutritional frontiers.
5. Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Anoop Mishra M.D. Has served as the personal physician of two Prime Ministers of India. Has received multiple awards… Was Awarded Padmashree by President of India. Was Honoured with Dr. B. C. Roy Award twice.
6. The 3 Pillars of Good HealthWater Exercise Good Nutrition
7. Ayurveda says………………….If the food iswrong, Medicineis of no Use. If the Food isRight, Medicine isof no Need!
8. What our bodies need daily • Vitamins • Vegetable Proteins • Minerals • Trace Elements • Essential Amino Acids • Essential Fatty Acids • Fiber • Herbs • Water (2-3 liters daily)
9. What our bodies get daily: • Fast Food • Preservatives • Sugar • Salt • Animal Protein • Animal Fat • Cholesterol • Refined Food • Alcohol • Nicotine • Caffeine
11. Why Herbalife products?• Scientifically designed• Provides balanced nutrition• 100% vegetarian• Convenient to make and have• Great taste
12. Weight Management 12
13. Weight Management 13
14. Weight Management 14
15. Weight Management 15
16. Weight Management 16
17. Digestive Health 17
18. Digestive Health 18
19. Energy & Fitness 19
20. Children’s Health 20
21. The Herbalife nutrition program Simple and Magic! HBL FOOD Traditional FOOD HBL BeverageLose Kg 2 1 4-5 cupsMaintain &Stay Healthy 1 2 4-5 cupsGain Kg 3 3 2-3 cups
22. 1.Lose weight Benefits2.Gain Weight3.Maintain Weight4.Good Health and Long Term Wellness
23. Cont 91+9160255159



7:30 am to 8 :00 pm



City (If not in List)

Hyderabad kukatpally KPHB Colony Road No.1


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