Montessori School in Bangalore

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Montessori School in Bangalore

Full Description

Kidspace was started in the year 2002 & it has grown over the years considerably. The focus of the management has embarked to strengthen and re-orient the teaching process at Kidspace. Another contributing factor is the adoption of the combination of Montessori Method as well as the conventional method of teaching which has enabled to impart the modern techniques of education.

We have maintained a conducive academic environment which is suitable for our students. Emphasis on personality development; mentoring, character development, skill development and communication are some of the primary areas we focus on to help the overall development of the child.

Kidspace has become an ideal stepping stone towards regular schooling for children as commented by few of our parents. All this is due to the standard of the school & also because of the dedicated staff who strive to maintain the quality of education imparted.
The hard work and dedication of Kidspace will pay off in the long run and will enthuse each child with the passion to take on the challenging future.

Kidspace day care & after school care center:

This day care & school care center created to nurture your child’s emotional physical & cognitive needs. The environment is loving & supportive where your child will feel at home. We entertain kids, encourage their creativity, bring out their potentials & ensure their safety. We have a safe, reliable environment where working parents can leave their children.



9 am - 12 noon (Monday - Friday),10 am to 12 noon (Saturday)



City (If not in List)

Bangalore, Indiranagar

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